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Læsø Salt

Marigold Body Lotion – 150ml


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Morgenfruer body lotion with Læsø salt is especially good for dry and flaky skin

The cream is especially good for dry and flaky skin, providing it with essential minerals.
The main ingredients are Læsø Bath Salts and shea butter.
The minerals in the bath salts strengthen and stabilize the skin – and promote skin healing.
The shea butter in the cream stimulates scar healing and softens the skin.
The cream is free from added fragrance and color. Light and soft texture.

After cleansing, apply to the body.
With the addition of scrubbing salt, it can be used for scrubbing the skin.

LÆSØ BADESALT – adds important minerals to the skin – strengthening and stabilizing the skin. Magnesium in particular has a beneficial effect on the skin – as it is an element that is necessary for the activity of certain enzymes in the cells (Laesoe maris sal).

SHEAEA BUTTER – is highly emollient and has antibacterial properties. It stimulates skin healing in small wounds and cracks. The cinnamic acid ester content provides some sun protection. Also worth trying for sore muscles. Extracted from the fruit of the African shea tree. (Butyrospermum parkii butter).

TIME RELEASE OIL – penetrates the skin quickly and allows more fatty oils to be absorbed more easily. The plant oil that contains the most linoleic acid – an omega 6 fatty acid. Linoleic acid is important for skin vitality – and is especially lacking in people with eczema, older or rough skin (Carthamus tinctorius Oil)

Water (Aqua)
Lanette wax – consistency agent derived from coconut oil (Cetearyl Alcohol)
Cellulose – consistency agent and stabilizer derived from plant fibers (Cellulose)
Vitamin E – antioxidant (prevents fats from going rancid) (Tocopherol)
Base emulsifier – vegetable emulsifier made from stearic and palmitic acid (Glyceryl monostearate)
Preservatives – (Phenoxyethanol, Methyl, ethyl and propyl paraben)

Pump bottle contains 150 ml of salt cream

Please note: The first time the pump is used, it must be pumped vigorously. Store closed and not too hot.

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