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Læsø Salt

Læsø Sydesalt in box – 1000g


Læsø Sydesalt is made in open iron pans, fired with the island’s own firewood. Læsø Saltsyderi only makes unrefined sea salt, just like in the old days. Læsø salt is dried first in wicker baskets and then on the ceiling above the store, after which it is carefully poured into boxes with the old Læsø logo.

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At Læsø Salt, we are continuously working to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we want to reduce our dependence on plastic, work with sustainable materials and deliver a product that our customers can buy and consume with a clear conscience.
As part of this work, we are now launching three new cardboard packs. They are produced in collaboration with Swedish Billerud AB.

The raw material for these packs comes from FSC-certified forests. The new packaging gives us more efficient handling – from manufacturing in our packaging plant to our store and delivery. This means we can offer our customers a product at a better price.

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