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Læsø Salt

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Classic sewing salt

  • Pure sewing salt

    Læsø Sydesalt in box – 1000g

    kr.234,00 Add to cart
  • Fabric bag with 60g salt
  • salt in a grinder
  • 1000g salt in a cloth bag

Spicy Læsø Salt


  • Accessories

    Acacia tub and spoon

    kr.28,00kr.60,00 Select options
  • Accessories

    Clam brine tubs

    kr.245,00 Select options
  • aprons


    kr.150,00kr.195,00 Select options
  • Accessories


    kr.55,00kr.82,00 Select options

Sweet stuff

  • Swallow

    Bagsværd Liquorice

    kr.27,00kr.75,00 Select options
  • Swallow

    Almond duets

    kr.45,00 Add to cart
  • stroll bar

    Stroll bar

    kr.34,00 Select options
  • Bornholm caramels
  • bolcheriet candies with Læsø salt

Care products

  • Salt residue in spray
    Residual position

    Læsø Salt Restlage – 250ml

    kr.48,00 Add to cart
  • Residual position
  • Body lotion
  • body salt scrub
  • facial scrub
  • bath salts
  • soap with salt residue
  • mint foot bath soap
  • body lotion with salt