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Læsø Salt

About Læsø Salt

Læsø Saltsyderi saw the light of day in 1991 as a historic workshop for unemployed young people from Læsø Production School.
The background was a number of archeological excavations on Læsø, where remains of medieval salt-soaked huts had been found. In 2004, the production school was closed down, making it redundant. At that time, Læsø Saltsyderi could support itself financially and you could then offer permanent jobs.

Læsø Salt has since 2005 been a public limited company owned by the Læsø Foundation. The shares are not transferable and the Læsø Foundation was established as a business fund to - as a parent company - operate Læsø Salt A / S and Læsø Kur ApS. The mayor of Læsø is at all times chairman of the Læsø Foundation.

“To make me say that Læsø Salt is the world's best salt, you probably will not get that. But there is no doubt that Læsø Salt is world-class! ”

Poul Christensen, initiator of Læsø Salt

The salt on Læsø

Læsø salt is southern salt, extracted by evaporation of salt groundwater. In addition to the salt itself, it contains a number of minerals, which help to create the unique taste that makes Læsø salt a prized gastronomic spice.

Around Læsø, the sea water contains approx. 2 % salt, but the groundwater on Rønnerne can contain up to 14 % salt, and then it is possible to base a production on evaporating the water. The method has been used since the Middle Ages.

Sewing stopped in the 17th century by a royal ban; the salt sewing had cleared Læsø of forest. It was not until around the 20th century that forests were replanted on Læsø, and in 1991 salt production on Læsø could be resumed.

Sustainable and local production

Læsø Salt buys its firewood locally. When driving off the road between Byrum and Vesterø, you can just outside Byrum see the large stacks of firewood, which lie and dry for up to 1.5 years before it is delivered to the saltworks.

Today, Læsø again has large forest areas, where enormous amounts of firewood and wood chips can be processed. Today, the growth alone is harvested, which annually amounts to more than 25,000 cubic meters.

Experience Læsø

Læsø Saltsyderi is just one of many wonderful experiences on the island with the most hours of sunshine.

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