Meet our staff

Jeppe Ladefoged

Jeppe Ladefoged

The manager on Læsø Salt. Jeppe has been working as an Operation Supervisor at larger estates gaining valuable experience with financial management, staff management and product development. Jeppe is looking forward to getting to know Læsø and Læsø Salt prior to new initiatives.

Poul Christensen

Poul Christensen

Aka “Seething-Poul”. Was the initiator of Laesoe Salt with a bunch of young unemployed from Laesoe Production School. Has ever since been probably the most well known face of Laesoe Salt. Performs as a story teller, conveyer and salt bailiff.

Steinunn E. Larsen

Steinunn Eyjofsdottir Larsen

Takes care of web orders and makes sure that off-island customers get all the salt they need. Is our union delegate and elected to the board as a representative of the emplyoyees.

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Hans Jørgen Larsen

Picks up the ground water on Roennerne for our salt production. Also known as our cieling pixie – meaning that he manages the final drying of the salt on our attick in terms of drying and raking. Often lends a hand with the salt making process.

Jesper Thorsen 3

Jesper Thorsen

One of our salt makers. Works as a stoker, woodman and anything else that comes into mind. Is fond of talking to visitors and answers most questions readily.

Steffen Faurholt 2

Steffen E. Faurholt

One of our salt makers and stokers. Is responsible for maintaining production.

Flemming Larsen

Flemming Larsen

Actually a summer substitute for years at Læsø Salt, but recently a coworker and custodian on Skagen at the Michael and Anna Ancher House. Now full time Salt Maker and Story Teller at Læsø Salt.

Morten Bo Jørgensen

Morten Bo Jørgensen

Has been working on the Salt Works since 1996 and is one of the permanent guides. Besides being a salt worker he is responsible for the two firing plants and also acts as a chauffeur by collecting the salt water from the wells on Roennerne. Morten is also responsible for modern technology and maintains the cash register in the shop.

Karina Trolle Vilsen

Karina Vilsen

Another “Bag lady” in the good way. Works in packaging and serves shop customers with a smile.

Dorthe kompr

Dorthe Levorsen

Working here at Læsø Salt as a book keeper and filling in at the shop when necessary. Also partly responsible for the website and the webshop.

Ally Jacobsen kompr

Ally Jacobsen

Yet another “Bag lady” and our pancake baker. Works in packaging and serves our customers in the shop. During summer holidays and fall holidays she takes care of our pancake shop.