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Læsø Salt

Employees at Læsø Saltsyderi

Hans Jørgen Larsen

Gets water from Rønnerne for our salt production, “loftnisse”, which means he takes care of the salt when it needs to be dried and grated. Goes to work in the salt dredging. He’s a great conversationalist, so Hans is always willing to talk about the Salt with customers

Jesper Thorsen

Is one of our Salt Sewers. He’s a lighthouse keeper, woodsman and whatever else is needed in salt production. Enjoys talking to our visitors and is happy to answer questions

Søren Pedersen

Is one of our salt sewers and boilermakers. Ensures that the pans are performing at their best and other tasks in salt production.

Flemming Larsen

Has a past as an educator and museum worker at Skagen in the company of Michael and Anna Ancher in their house. Has been a summer replacement at Læsø Salt for years, and is now finally ready for a full-time job as a salt worker, storyteller and part of the team

Morten Bo Jørgensen

Morten Bo has been at Saltsyderiet since 1996 and is one of the regular storytellers. In addition, he is responsible for the two wood chip boilers, as well as a relief driver when collecting salt water from the wells at Rønnerne. Morten is also a bit geeky with modern technology and ensures encoding on the store’s cash registers

Dorthe Levorsen

Our all-round bookkeeper and co-responsible for the website and webshop. Also happy to lend a helping hand when things get busy in the store

Ally Jacobsen

One of our bag ladies in a good way, as well as a pancake baker. Are in the packing station and our store. During the summer and fall holidays, she keeps our Pancake Shop open