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Læsø Salt


Morgenfruernes Skrubbesalt - 80g


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Give your skin a cure that gives it new life and removes dead skin cells

Salt scrub for the body of fine, sieved bath salt made in Storhaven from residual brine from Læsø Saltsyderi.
Give your skin a cure that gives it new life, increases blood flow and removes dead skin cells.
The scrub salt contains a number of minerals, which strengthen and stabilize the skin. Read if necessary. more about these minerals under Bath Salt.

Wet the skin. Apply the salt scrub to the skin and gently massage the body - not the face - against the heart. Use your hand or a glove. The scrub salt can also first be mixed with, for example, a little body oil or salt cream. Rinse with warm water - or fill the bathtub with warm water and bath oil - or lubricate the body with bath oil and stand under the hot shower.
Finish by lubricating the body with a good and nourishing moisturizer. Then relax with a cup of herbal tea or water - then you help the skin to continue to excrete waste products.

If you have sensitive skin, the salt scrub can be crushed further in a mortar. Be aware that the salt grains are generally too hard on the fine facial skin, so it is only suitable for the body for most people. If necessary, start by cleansing the face and putting on a face mask that can work while peeling the skin on the body.
You can also make your spa experience bigger by first putting on good music, lighting candles and drinking something nice while treating yourself and unwinding.

Contains 80 grams of scrubbing salt

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