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Læsø Salt


Læsø Saltrestlage - 2.5l


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Residual brine is the water that is left behind when table salt has been produced at Læsø Saltsyderi. This brine is not edible, but instead contains a number of minerals and trace elements, which have proven to be extremely beneficial for the skin. The residual layer strengthens and stabilizes the skin by adding important minerals.

The salt-saturated residual layer can be applied undiluted and applied directly to the skin in the exposed areas.
After approx. 30 min. rinse with tap water and wait with soap wash.
The treatment is repeated once daily for 14 days, after which a one-week break is taken. Then the treatment is repeated from the beginning as needed.
The layer can stay out of the refrigerator, but when diluted, the diluted part must be stored refrigerated. Should be shaken before use.

Main ingredients:
REMAINDER FROM LÆSØ SALTSIDER (Aqua, Maris Sal) - water, sodium chloride, sulphate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iodine and various trace elements.


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