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Læsø Salt

Laesoe salt brine - 2.5 l


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Brine is what is left when we are through making salt for culinary purposes at Laesoe Saltworks. The brine is not edible but contains lots of minerals and trace elements that is very beneficial for the skin. The brine strengthens and stabilizes the skin by adding important minerals.

How to apply:
The saturated brine can be used undiluted and applied directly to the skin on the exposed places. After approximately 30 minutes flush with tap water and wait with using soap.
Treatment can be repeated once a day over a period of 14 days - then take a break for one week. If needed the treatment then can be repeated.
The brine is durable outside the refrigerator but when diluted the diluted part should be stored in a cool place.
Shake well before use.

2.5 l of salt brine from Laesoe Saltworks - Aqua, Maris Sal - 
water, sodium chloride, sulfate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iodine and various trace elements.

g / l
NaCl 188
(Sodium chloride)
CaSO4 0.5
MgSO4 51.5
(Magnesium sulfate)
MgCl2 86.5
KCl 12
Copper 0.4 mg / l
Iron 0.9 mg / l

Weight 3,400 kg
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