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Læsø Salt

Welcome to Læsø Saltsyderi

Support has been granted for a project with a new fireplace with pan and wire basket for salt for salt cream production. Read more here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/food-farming-fisheries/key-policies/common-agricultural-policy/rural-development

At Læsø Saltsyderi, we have been producing natural southern salt since the 1100s. And so it remains to this day, where we pickle the salt according to ancient recipes using pans heated over a live fire.

The result is a 100% naturally sourced salt that we carefully collect, dry and package so that it can reach the tables of everyone from private homes to gourmet restaurants around the world.

You can easily order from our webshop and have the salt delivered directly to your door, but we would also love to see you at Saltsyderiet, where we show and tell guests about our salt and history.

Popular products

  • 1000g salt in a cloth bag
  • Fabric bag with 60g salt
  • Swallow

    Bagsværd Liquorice

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  • Accessories

    Acacia tub and spoon

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The pancake stall is offered for lease

Read more about the offer of the Pancake stall at Læsø Salt. Pandekageboden is offered for lease from the start of the 2024 season